What We Do

Specialist in Exhaust Making for Local & Imported Exhaust System, Custom Made Exhaust, Fuel Tank & Air Tank for Excavator Tractor, Generator, Forklift & Car.

Custom Made

Tong Yinn has ability fabricate tanks for enclosed generator or commercial vehicles.

Made To Order

Diesel engine exhaust spark arrestor are a basic but key safety feature for both hazardous area where a stray spark may cause ignition of combustible material.

Pro. Bender

Here in Tong Yinn Metal, every single exhaust anger is well measured. To ensure matched according to the specification and its requirements.

Heavy Duty Silencer

With over 25years of manufacturing experience, Tong Yinn delivers reliable and durable heavy-duty silencers for tractor, buses and genarator.

Special Order

The more powerful a generator, the greater the level of noise it omits. Tong Yinn offers a wide range of silencers to meet each customer's sound attenuation needs .

Ready Stock

To ensure efficiency and quality on our services. We have numbers of commercial used exhaust stock, which ready to serve our customers.