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We specialize in exhaust fabrication for local & imported exhaust system, custom made exhaust, fuel tank and silencers

Custom-made Pipe

Exhaust Silencers

Multi chamber reactive silencers

Multi Chamber Reactive Silencers have multiple pipe segments, offering favorable pressure drop features and effective noise reduction at low and mid frequencies. Small in size, which makes them suitable for engines and exhaust systems. Commonly used for fixed speed machinery, such as generators and blowers. They come in side entry (AEPS) and end entry (AEPE) options, allowing for horizontal, vertical, or inclined installation without compromising performance.

Straight Through Absorptive Silencers

Straight Through Absorptive Silencers use special materials to absorb and reduce noise by turning it into heat. As the sound waves travel through the insulative materials, the sound energy is partially transformed to heat energy, which is then dispersed through the air. They're good at quieting high-pitched sounds and can be installed in any direction without losing effectiveness.

Fuel Tank Fabrication

Over 25 years of manufacturing experience